Murder By Vinyl is Out Now!

Mysteria App-70s

The year is 1975 and Golden Airship, one of the most iconic British bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s is the Friday headline act at the “Trumpton Hall Rock & Blues Festival” somewhere in the West Country of England.

Golden Airship had just finished playing the main stage. The crowd went wild, they hit them with all the great old songs and then unleashed a totally new number that brought the house down. Before finally coming off exhausted but ecstatic and totally ready for the after gig celebrations they are greeted with a bombshell. Golden Airship’s long term manager Robin “the Raver” Bishop has been found horribly murdered.

In the 70’s the variety of music ranged from Hard Rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Progressive Rock acts like Pink Floyd and various Pop acts including ABBA. Any of these should make your party one hell of a bash!

Who killed Robin? What was the motive? What weapon was used? The theme is for 8 players, 4 male and 4 female. The players include the band members and some other characters that have had close relations with the victim.

Murder By Vinyl is available now for £4.99 on the Mysteria app now: