5 Top Tips: Hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

We understand that throwing a dinner party can sometimes be stressful and daunting from the outset, however it really doesn’t have to be. We want your murder mystery dinner party to be memorable for all the right reasons so we have put together 5 of our top tips to ensure you pull off a killer night.


  • Stick to what you know

Although you want to serve the food that best fits with the theme, it’s always a good idea to stick to dishes that you have made at least once or twice before the big event. If there is a new dish in particular that you are desperate to impress your guests with, give it a couple of test runs a few weeks in advance to make sure you have your method up to scratch and your timings down to a T.

  • Set the scene in advance

You’ve chosen the location for your dinner party so why not set the murder mystery scene the night before your event. This way you can avoid last minute stress and give yourself more time on the day to prep the food. An appropriate atmosphere can really improve your murder mystery game and help guests get into character so don’t let your themed decorations be an afterthought.

  • Name Tags

To avoid confusion and ensure a smooth running game, it’s a good idea to provide each of your guests with a character name tag upon arrival. This should give everyone the chance to identify who is who before the game even begins. You could write the names onto card and purchase some name badge holders, or alternatively, print the names onto self-adhesive labels; just make sure the name tags will be clearly visible to other players.

  • Top ‘em up

Murder mystery games are conversational so expect your guests to get pretty thirsty. Make sure to continually top up your guests’ water or soft drink, or allow them to help themselves by providing a jug on the table. And don’t forget to keep the alcohol flowing too! An alcoholic drink on arrival can be a good idea to overcome any players’ inhibitions and to get the game rolling.

  • Laugh it off

Remember, don’t take yourself or your dinner party too seriously. No one will mind if you left the potatoes in a little too long or if you forgot the olives for the starter; they will probably be too preoccupied with the game to notice! Relax and have fun and your guests will too.