5 Awesome Tips: Hosting a Murder Mystery Safari Theme Party

Hosting a themed dinner party could be quite challenging and organising it can be time consuming. For those of you who are looking to host a party that your guests will still be talking about weeks after, we have written down ‘five awesome tips’ to get you prepared.

1. Be Creative

If there is anything that you must have for a great dinner party then it’s having plenty of food and drinks. Instead of cooking you could always order everything you need online but if you don’t put some effort into making it all personal it will all look a bit bland. Animal prints inspired lollipops/candies for guests to indulge in is fun and easy. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of flavour and creativity to your party, use your imagination!

Drinks are without doubt the most important part of any party and there are various options to choose between. Ideally, cocktails and wine can served as they are the most preferred alcoholic drinks by many people.

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How to create: Animal print lolipops & Snake shaped sandwiches

2. Keep it Simple

Decorating your dining room into a realistic looking safari dining shelter is not an easy task. It can make you overwhelmed and cost you both time and money. That’s why we suggest you to try and make things as simple as you possibly can. Cheap hacks like Hanging Fern and philodendron leafs on your wall for example, takes little to no time and still gives the same feel of being in a safari.

And if you don’t mind a little bit of extra mess you can also hang brown and green streamers from your ceiling like crawling jungle vines and create a natural, wild and untamed look for your perfect party.

Hanging Fern and philodendron leafs on your wall

Create Hanging Fern and Philodendron leafs on your wall

3. Setting up the Ambiance

Creating the desired ambiance and atmosphere for your party relies on two factors, which are colour and sound. Since the theme of the party is set in a safari the use of safari animal sounds as background noise and brown, green and orange colours in your decoration is incredibly important in setting the theme. Keep in mind, the volume of the background sounds shouldn’t be too loud so that it won’t disrupt the conversation as that is what our game relies on.

4. Plan Everything!

In order to ensure your dinner party goes well and without stress, you must write up a plan and priorities everything you must do. Setting up the stage, planning the menu and stocking the bar should be your top priority. And if things get hairy, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. Remember, grateful guests are always happy to help!

5. Relax & Enjoy Yourself

The final and most important tips is to relax and enjoy yourself. Create an atmosphere based on the vibe you want guests to feel. Don’t forget you are the host and your mood can have a radiating effect on your guests. So just relax, enjoy the good company and get in the mood, and the little things will work themselves out.