Horror of the Hammer is Here!


The new theme is here! We asked you to vote for the next theme and as a result of your votes we are delighted to announce that our new theme is the “Horror of the Hammer”!

Horror of the Hammer takes the players back to the 1980s for a school reunion with Pete Crook and friends, but the reunion doesn’t quite go to plan. The scene is set at Pete’s parents luxurious house in West London. Moments into the reminiscent gathering, Nobby Scruff is shocked to find his best friend Pete dead on the floor of the underground studio.

The 80s was a very unique era of time; full of crazy fashion trends, sky high hair and iconic music. To throw an unforgettable 80s themed murder mystery dinner party, you’ll want to include as many 80s nostalgic ideas and retro items as you can. Grab your neon clothing, leg warmers, acid wash jeans and shoulder pads. Create an awesome 80s playlist including the famous music legends that ruled this decade! Horror of the Hammer is perfect for over-decorating your dining room in big bright colours and disco lights.

The theme is for 6 players, 3 male characters and 3 female characters including members of Pete’s Rock and Roll band ‘Gropa Rama’.

If you haven’t played Mysteria before, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Our latest release Horror of the Hammer is available for £3.99 on the Mysteria app. Our first theme Chicago Shenanigans is free to play and our second theme Murder in the Bush costs £3.99.